There are several signs that your Harlow home may need rewiring and we will cover them here. REWIRING YOUR HOME is a costly and disruptive process and as such, it’s important to make sure the work is absolutely necessary. 

The following signs are an indication that things are not quite right and may indeed mean that your home needs a rewire. The best way to make sure is to have an electrical check carried out by a trusted local electrician in Harlow. 

•    Old Fuse Box
•    Sockets Mounted in Skirting Boards
•    Lights Near Windows
•    Frequent Tripping Switches
•    Burning Smells
•    Intermittent Power Cuts
•    Electric Shocks Occurring

Old Fuse Box

The brains of the electrical system or control centre is the fuse box or consumer unit. If you have an old looking fuse box containing fuse wire or fuses then it is at least 30 to 40 years old or more. If the fuse box is this old then the wiring COULD BE EVEN OLDER!

If you have a modern fuse box or consumer unit then the wiring could still be old and in need of replacement so sometimes it’s best to have an electrical check carried out.

Sockets Mounted in Skirting Boards

Mounting electrical sockets in skirting boards was something that was carried out several decades ago and a practice which is now strongly discouraged when rewiring homes and against building regulations in new build homes. 

Plug tops and electrical cords can become damaged when they come into contact with the floor when the sockets are mounted in the skirting boards. This could also be an indication of the age of the wiring system in your home and therefore the possible need to rewire.

Lights Near Windows

If you have light fittings that are not centred in the room but rather, installed close to the windows then this is an indication that the wiring system could be a little old. This was another practice that has not been carried out for several decades as we now tend to install light fittings central to the room.

Frequent Tripping Switches

Frequent switches tripping could be a minor isolated electrical fault on one circuit, a faulty appliance or something more sinister. 
When cables age, the insulation that protects the copper wires can degrade. As this material degrades it is likely to cause nuisance tripping at the consumer unit. Aging wiring can begin to present a danger of fire and electric shock if not replaced. 

If you are unsure when your home was last rewired or even checked thoroughly by a professional electrician then give us a call to book for advice. 

Burning Smells

Burning smells are indicative of serious electrical issues occurring in the wiring system or accessories. The smell, once identified, will not be forgotten. It is a pungent odour similar to decaying fish, melting plastic or other chemical type smell. 

If you are experiencing this type of smell in your home then it is vital that you turn your power off and call JJB electrical immediately as there are likely serious issues that need investigating. 

It may be difficult to pin down this type of smell and its location but don’t forget that there can be multiple electrical wires and junctions underneath floor and above ceilings that can fail. This burning smell is indicative of imminent wiring failure and fire can ensue.

Intermittent Power Cuts

Where intermittent power cuts are occurring, there could be one of two things happening:

•    Power supply problems in the street
•    Power supply problems in your home

Neither are good but ring 105 freephone to speak to the local electricity supply network company. They should be able to tell you if there are issues that are affecting your home.

If they report nothing to you then it is likely that the intermittent power cuts are occurring in your home electrical system rather than outside. 

These issues may or may not be accompanied by the burning smell mentioned above, regardless of this, please do not delay in calling us to investigate. 

Electric Shocks Occurring

If you are experiencing electrical shocks from equipment or appliances then there could be problems with the safety electrical earthing in your home. There are other reasons that electrical shocks could occur from equipment but in any event, this type of situation needs immediate investigation as things could get worse. 

Rewire Electrician in Harlow

There are many signs that your home may need rewiring but the only way to know for sure it to have a thorough electrical check carried out by a professional electrician. If you are concerned about the age or condition of your home electrics then please contact us and arrange to have an safety electrical check carried out.