Are you searching for a reliable electrician for a small electrical job in Harlow? Are you having trouble finding an electrician who will help? 

Some electricians prefer to take on the larger electrical jobs and can be difficult to pin down for a small electrical job. Here at JJB Electrical in Harlow we believe every job is important whether it be large or small. We provide the same high levels of service and care whether we are replacing a light fitting or rewiring your whole house. We take great pride in the high standards of customer service we provide. We will always take the time to respond to your query, provide a quote if required and schedule your small electrical job in Harlow for a mutually convenient time. 

Do I need an electrician for a small electrical job?

Many customers will ask us if they need an electrician to carry out a small job at their Harlow home or if they should do it themselves. We always advise calling in a qualified and registered electrician for any electrical job, large or small. Electrical work is inherently dangerous and that is as true when changing a socket as when rewiring your whole house. If you choose to undertake any electrical work in your home, no matter how minor, there is no guarantee it will be entirely safe. You are at risk of electrical shock whilst you are working and, if the job is not completed correctly, your home could be at risk of an electrical fire. A qualified electrician will have the skills and experience to complete the task safely. They will also have all the necessary tools to carry out the job, saving you an expensive trip to the DIY store.  

If you didn’t use an electrician for your small job…

If you have already attempted that small electrical job at your Harlow home and you are now in a bit of a pickle – don’t panic, we can help. Even the most seasoned DIYer can struggle with electrical work and problems often arise from the attempt. Electrical jobs are tricky, everything is hidden from view, and it’s hard to know exactly what you are getting into until you begin. If you have had started a job and you’re not sure you know what to do next, call us in. Our experienced electricians will make sure everything is safe and will happily finish the job for you. 

What is a Small Electrical Job?

So, what exactly constitutes a small electrical job to an electrician? A small electrical job is something that will take a qualified electrician around an hour or two to complete. Sometimes much less. If a small electrical job at your Harlow home will take much less than an hour your electrician may ask if there are any other small jobs they can help you with at the same time. This allows you to make full use of their time as most electricians will have a minimum charge. This could be changing the light bulb in a tricky light fitting or replacing a faceplate on a socket. 

Some examples of small electrical jobs include:

Replacing a light fitting

Light fittings often need replacing when you are redecorating your Harlow home. The majority of light fittings are easily replaced by an experienced electrician and so count as a small electrical job. All light fittings are different, and some may take longer to install than other – particularly dramatic styles that are to be installed in stairways where access is tricky. 

Installing a doorbell

Installing a new doorbell is a common small electrical job we carry out for customers in Harlow. We can install traditional style doorbells or high-tech camera aided ones. By choosing an electrician to install your doorbell you can be sure everything will work correctly and that the camera, should you have one, is properly aligned.

Installing an outdoor light

Do you need an outdoor light installed at your Harlow home? Are you thinking of adding a porch light next to your front door or a flood light on the patio? Both of these are examples of small electrical jobs and will be short and simple installations for a qualified electrician. Care and consideration need to be given to the placement of outdoor lighting. You don’t want lights to be disturbing your neighbours or making it easier for a burglar to access your home. An experienced electrician will help to ensure this small job doesn’t end up causing big trouble.

Electric cooker or hob connection

If you are changing the cooker or hob in your kitchen then you will need an electrician to complete the installation process. Electric hobs and cookers are generally hardwired and require an isolator switch to be installed in a safe, easy to access place. Whilst this task won’t take a long time to complete, it must be undertaken by a qualified electrician. 

Heating control upgrades (upgrading to a smart thermostat)

A smart thermostat installation will help you to more efficiently manage and monitor the energy you use at your Harlow home. There are a wide range of smart thermostats on the market, each with different features and benefits. All will allow you to adjust your heating whilst you are away from your home, some allow you to create zones and switch heating on or off room by room, whilst the most high-tech ones can sense when you are close to home and will switch the heating on automatically. An experienced electrician can help you to choose the right one and will complete the installation swiftly. 

Installing an additional socket

Do you need an extra socket added to a room at your home? Perhaps you have decided you don’t want to fight with extension cords this Christmas? Or you are tired of moving appliances around the kitchen to the sole free socket? Adding an additional socket will usually take an experienced electrician an hour or two and will make your life so much simpler.

Upgrading light switches and sockets

One of the most common small electrical jobs we are called upon to carry out for homeowners in Harlow is to upgrade light switches and sockets. New sockets and switches can make a big difference to the look of a room and are available in a wide range of finishes. You can choose from standard white, brushed steel, shiny chrome or even upgrade to USB sockets. These are very simple electrical tasks for an electrician, but it is vital for your safety that they are carried out correctly. A loose connection here could cause an electrical shock or fire. 

Choosing an electrician for a small job

Choosing an electrician for a small job at your Harlow home is an almost identical process to choosing one for a larger job. The only difference is that, as we have already mentioned, some electricians choose not to undertake small electrical jobs. Always choose an electrician who is qualified and registered. This is vital, no matter the size of the job you want them to undertake. A registered electrician has proven themselves to be technically competent and will have solid understanding of electrical regulations. Work carried out by a registered electrician will be safe, tidy, and carried out in accordance with all relevant regulations. JJB Electrical are proud to be your local NAPIT registered electrician in Harlow.

Small job electrician in Harlow

If you're struggling to find an electrician for those small electrical jobs at your Harlow home, look no further than JJB Electrical. We are your local, fully qualified and NAPIT registered electrician in Harlow. Our experienced team are as happy changing a light fitting as they are installing a new fuseboard. We complete every job with the same high levels of care and attention and are confident you will be more than satisfied with the result. Whatever the electrical job you need completing, JJB Electrical are here to help.
If you need an electrician for a small job in Harlow, contact our friendly team here at JJB Electrical today.