As electricians in Broxbourne and the surrounding areas, we are often asked do we need a rewire and what it takes to rewire my home. With over 30 years of experience between us we thought we would we help with some answers to your questions.

How do I know if I need a rewire

There are a few ways I property can show signs it may need a rewire

  • Flickering lights or lighting circuits that have stopped working?
  • Has the property had any building work and electrics haven’t been upgraded
  • Had an unsatisfactory EICR when you are moving
  • Burning smell (Heat)
  • Black marks around the pins of sockets and sockets not working entirely and in extreme cases black marks above or below the sockets
  • Green Goo coming out of the sockets or Switches. (check out our other blog on green goo to helpful tips on identifying this.)
  • Do you have volcanized Indian rubber cable (VIR).
  • Are your cables aluminium not copper
  • Are you missing earth cables

The biggest benefit to come out of a rewire is that your home becomes a blank canvas. You make it your own. We all know that once you move home or been in your home for a long time you always need more sockets, no one likes extensions leads trailing around the home and more lights as life changes. You maybe renovating your property, and this is the best time to get this done

How do I get my house ready for a rewire?

First things first before any works are carried out, we would always ask you to have an isolator fitted to the incoming mains supply. This is a simple phone call to your energy provider who will come out and install one for you. This service is normally free of charge and means the house can be isolated safely whilst work is undertaken.

Rewires can be invasive and whilst we cover all your belongings, floors and use the very best dust extractors there is always going to be an element of dust. We ask that any fragile or delicate belongings be removed, and all items be removed from walls. Ideally all rooms should be cleared but we know this is not always possible.


We will go through room to room with you and make detailed plans of what you want and more importantly where you want your sockets and switches. we can plan for future works if you intend on having extensions, loft conversions, summer houses and we can cater for this during the rewire. Costs can increase if changes are made during the rewire meaning we must go back over already completed works so it’s vital that things are right from the start to keep that spend on track for you.

What happens during a rewire?

A typical rewire can be completed in five days. We would generally start from the top and work our way down. During this time, we will need full access to every part of your home. We will have to chase the walls using the latest wall chasers and extractors to minimise the dust, remove carpets and floorboards for our cable runs, these will all go back as we found so no need to worry. We will keep you informed and guide you through every step of the way and try to minimise the disruption for you. Once all the work is completed a detailed clean down of your home will take place this will have been done on a daily bases but a final clean will take place, we walk you through the new installation guide you through the components in the new consumer unit and explain what does what and how to test the RCBO’s for each circuit (full guide on our how to video just in case you forget). Upon completion you will have the appropriate NAPIT Certification for the work carried out and building control will have been automatically notified. As always, our work is fully guaranteed and covered by our NAPIT registration for your piece of mind. You are in safe hands at JJB electrical we got you covered.

If you need a rewire give us a call today on 07742485307