A house may need to be rewired for various reasons. One of the main reasons is if the home has not been rewired for 25-30 years or more. JJB Electrical are your local rewire electrician in Harlow.

Over time, electrical wiring can deteriorate, and older systems may not meet current safety standards. Other signs that indicate a house needs rewiring include:

1. The consumer unit trips out regularly, and fuses or bulbs blow.
2. There's a crackling or buzzing noise from electrical sockets.
3. The electrical wiring is covered in black rubber, fabric, or lead.
4. There are signs of burning, such as discolouration around plugs and sockets or a burning smell.
5. Lights are constantly flickering, and bulbs need to be changed often.
6. There are switches made of cast iron.
7. There's no labelling on the consumer unit.
8. The consumer unit has a wooden back.
9. Sockets are broken or cracked.
10. Sockets have rounded plug entries instead of 3-pin entries.
11. There are fewer than two plug sockets in each room.
12. Plugs get very hot.

Why should you rewire a house?

Rewiring a house is essential for the safety of the occupants and the property itself. Outdated or faulty wiring can pose a significant risk of electrical fires and electric shocks. By rewiring the house, you ensure that the electrical system meets current safety standards and reduces the risk of electrical hazards. Additionally, rewiring can improve the overall functionality and reliability of the electrical system, allowing for better energy efficiency and the integration of new technologies.

How often to rewire your home in Harlow?

The frequency of rewiring a home depends on several factors, including the age of the property and the condition of the existing wiring. As a general guideline, it is recommended to have a full electrical inspection carried out every 10 years for private homes and every five years for landlords. This inspection will identify any faulty or outdated wiring that needs to be replaced or fixed. It's important to note that if any signs of electrical issues are present, such as those mentioned earlier, it is advised to have the house rewired regardless of the inspection timeline.

Who can rewire a house?

Rewiring a house is a complex task that should be carried out by a qualified electrician. Attempting to rewire a house without the necessary expertise can be dangerous and may lead to further electrical problems or safety hazards. A qualified electrician will have the knowledge, skills, and experience to assess the wiring system, plan the rewiring project, and ensure that all work is done in compliance with electrical regulations and safety standards. When hiring an electrician, it's important to choose someone who is registered, insured, and reputable.

What happens in a house rewire?

A house rewire typically involves the following steps:

1. Electrical cables are replaced, and a new consumer unit is installed.
2. New cabling is fitted into the walls and beneath the floors.
3. Back boxes on all switches and sockets are replaced with new ones.
4. Power and lighting circuits are rewired.
5. Telephone and TV aerial sockets are rewired.
6. Switches, sockets, and light fixtures are added or moved if required.
7. Cabling for new technology, such as speakers, CCTV cameras, and automated lighting, is added if needed.

The rewiring process can be broken down into two stages known as "fixes":

  1. The first fix stage involves working on hidden cabling before plastering. This includes cutting chases and installing cabling into the walls, fitting new back boxes, rewiring power, heating, and lighting circuits, and adding cabling for new technology.
  2. The second fix stage is carried out after the plasterboard has been replaced and the walls have been made good. This stage involves wiring in the faceplates on switches and sockets, wiring in light fittings, connecting items such as cookers and electric showers, and ensuring everything is connected to the consumer unit and tested for safety.

At the end of the rewiring project, an Electrical Installation Certificate is provided. This certificate confirms that the electrical work meets the necessary regulations and serves as an important record of the home's electrical wiring condition.

House Rewire Electrician in Harlow

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