We often get calls from property owners in the borough of Broxbourne wondering if their property needs rewiring. There are some simple signs that you can look for to know when your property needs to be rewired.

Below are just a few guidelines which could indicate your property is due a rewire, however if you’re still not sure please feel free to contact us and we will talk through the situation with you.

Light fittings 

Are your light fittings located near the windows rather than in the centre of the rooms?  This is a sign that the property needs rewiring.  This is a sign that installation was done around the 1950’s and 60’s and was often called a vanity light as it would of normally been above a ladies dressing table so she had light to get ready. If the property had been rewired since then, usually the lights would have been moved to the centre of the room as per modern standards.

Sockets and Switches

Looking old and worn?  In the past bakelite sockets and switches were used. If these are still in use it is a good indicator that the properties wiring has not been touched and the property is due a rewire. Another indicator is that the sockets or switches may have a green goo weeping from them this means the cable has deteriorated and needs to be replaced. See our other blogs on green goo on our blog page!

Fuse box 

Does the property have an old Fuse Box with rewireable fuses, or something similar?

If the old fuse box is still in use, this is a good sign that the property may need rewiring. Generally if you are renovating a property and one or several of these signs are evident, it’s worth getting an Electrician to carry out an EICR (electrical Installation Condition Report) done, during which we test out all the wiring and can tell you for definitely if the property needs rewiring or not. Many properties in the borough of Broxbourne still have the original wiring from the 50’s and 60’s and this is due for replacement as it tends to deteriorate and become unsafe after 40 years or more. If you need a quote for rewiring your house, please get in touch we are happy to help.

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