When we are out and about in Waltham Cross pricing up jobs, rewires in particular the most common asked question is “How long will it take?”

Well this is dependent on which way you intend to go with a rewire. For the most part, a traditional rewire where you will require all of the cables to be chased and buried into the wall in a channel is the most common way people go, Alternatively some people may opt for a surface mount rewire where all of the cables are concealed in PVC trunking or conduit clipped or secured directly on the surface of the wall. Both options get the same results but it just depends on your desired finish.

Lets start with the traditional rewire where all of the cables are chased into the wall, this is the method that will take the most amount of time. This is due to the preparation of the house to protect your items, the time it takes to remove carpets, floor boards, chase the walls, the time to clear away each area and the time it takes to get the walls prepped to a good standard for decoration. This method is one of the most evasive labour intensive and most messy method.  

So lets break down a standard rewire down:

  • four double sockets, one light switch and pendant fitting per room. 
  • Kitchen sockets, cooker, hob and appliance points
  • Hallway and landing switching including pendants
  • Bathroom light, pullcord and fan
  • External socket
Electrician in Waltham Cross

Our team of two electricians and one apprentice would aim to complete all the above in a one week turn around. It’s a good time to note that should the rewire require any additional items outside the boundaries of the standard rewire this would in cure more time.

The alternative as mentioned is a surface mount rewire. This requires all switches, sockets, PVC trunking or conduits secured directly to the surface of the walls. This process requires less preparation time is less labour intensive and is not as evasive on your property as a traditional rewire. This is the best method for time sensitive scenarios and is a popular option with landlords. We will usually have that project complete with the same team in around three days.

Electrician in Waltham Cross

Every member of the team works to highest standards and will ensure your home is left clean and tidy once the work is complete.

If you need a rewire and want to discuss your options.  give us a call today 01992 276087