Well, those long summer nights are coming, the BBQs are ready to burn the burgers and there’s plenty of beer and wine to be drunk in the garden. But once the sun sets is the party over? no of course not. Garden lighting gives you the solution to get the most of your outside space and at this time of year we get number of enquires on this subject.

Here are a few questions and options we normally pass on to our customers firstly, what type of lights are you looking for? whether they be decorative up and down lights on the front of summer houses, LED strip lights waiting to wow their guests installed in soffits or LED flood lights that can double up as security feature.

There’s pretty much a solution for everyone’s needs.

When it comes to providing quotes, we have to assess where they are going to be installed and how we get power to them, which is just quick survey.  We can also offer a range of different switching solutions to meet your needs from hardwired to wireless options.   

A competent electrician in Hertfordshire and Essex should be used to install electrical equipment within the home especially in the garden, it can be lethal if it is installed incorrectly or if inadequate provisions have been made in the event of an equipment fault.

Any light that is installed outside should have an IP rating of at least IP43 which will guard it against light rain and sprayed water. Higher ratings will provide higher protection, which may be needed if the light is exposed to more severe weather or isn’t protected from the elements in anyway. If the light isn’t suitable, it could become a shock hazard or cause a fault and leave you without power.

Proper circuit protection for all the exterior electrical services should include an RCD or RCBO, check out our short video on how to test these.  This simple device ensures that the power is cut off immediately when it detects a leakage of current to earth, which indicates an electrical fault potentially threatening to life.

All electrical work should be installed in line with the building and wiring regulations.

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