As electricians working in and around the Broxbourne area, we are often called to jobs that require the walls in the home to be chased out. Be it for a full or part rewire or just simply add an additional socket.

What is chasing out you might ask?

Wall chasing is required to bury the cables in the wall so that they are not on show.

How deep will it have to be?

Depending on how many cables we need run down each section the depth and width may vary. However, as a guide the chase for a socket would be around about 30mm wide by a depth of 25mm. depending on the area of the home this may need to run from the ceiling if it’s on the ground floor and you have no access from below. If it’s in a bedroom let’s say and we have access from the floorboards it will be a simple little chase from the floor to the base of the new socket.

How much mess will there be?

We use the latest high volume extractor units and wall chasing machinery. This eliminates up to 90% of the dust that can be generated compared to alternative ways of chasing out. Rest assured we will cover all floors and furniture with protective coverings and dust sheets in the areas effected and we ask that any fragile or delicate belongings be removed along with all items be removed from walls. A complete clean down will be take place once the work has finished. 

How will my walls be left?

Once the wall has been chased there is two ways the wall can be left. Option 1 is that the wall is left with the chase and the cables in a protective casing in the wall ready for to made good. Some clients may wish to have the room plastered after the work has taken place if it is a full rewire and multiple chases have taken place in one room. Option two is we bond the chases out to 1-2mm below the finished surface level, this can then be filled and sanded back to smooth finish by a keen DIY enthusiast or a decorator. The choice is up to you, this will always be clarified before any works take place.

What happens when the works all done?

Upon completion you will have the appropriate NAPIT Certification for the work carried out and building control will have been automatically notified. As always, our work is fully guaranteed and covered by our NAPIT registration for your peace of mind. You are in safe hands at JJB electrical we've got you covered.

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