How long does an EICR take
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Just wanted to run through really quickly the fuse boards that we install at JJB Electrical, this fuseboard has a full metal enclosure and complies to the 18th edition that is current regulations. All the cable entry points have fire mastic or fire retardant foam to allow 60 minute burn times and making comply all of boards are fitted with surge protection device, as you can see at present this has got a green light on, if there was to be a power surge in your home this would take the main brunt and this would go red and will protect all of your electrical devices within your home, but most importantly protects you as well. You have a main switch this is the MCB that protects the surge protection and all of our boards are installed with RCBOs. We do not install split load boards anymore although Of the RCBOs protect individual circuits so that you don’t lose half of your home if there is to be a fault.